Circuit and simulation files format documentationΒΆ

This documentation covers circuit and simulation related file format used at Blue Brain. It is an extension to the SONATA format as described per

As the Blue Brain Project aims at reconstructing the entire mouse brain this format has been extended to support:

  • vasculature models

  • glial cell models

  • glia to glia cell connectivity

  • tripartite neuroglial connectivity

  • gliovascular connectivity

  • neuromodulatory projections

  • plasticity

  • gap junctions

In addition, this documentation covers all the properties used by models delivered by the Blue Brain Project in more details compared to the original publication. Some technical extension have been added to improve composability of network models (model being built separately and assembled later).

The definition of the various stimuli and reports supported by Neuron and CoreNeuron are covered as well in more details than the original publication.

The reference implementation to load data for this extension is provided by libsonata